A+ Graffiti Remover

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A+ Graffiti Remover
  • Choose from 32oz. Bottle, Case of 6-32oz. Bottles, 1 Gallon, or 5 Gallons
  • Works Quickly, Typically No Longer Than 15 seconds
  • Biodegradable, Water-Based Formula
  • Removes Graffiti, Permanent Marker, Adhesives & More

A+ Graffiti Remover is a specially formulated graffiti remover created for school districts to remove graffiti marking caused by latex or enamel paint sprays, lacquers, permanent marker inks, and adhesives. It removes graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces without harming most plastics. A+ Graffiti Remover is a water-based blend of biodegradable ingredients that makes it safe, fast, and effective even in below-freezing temperatures.