4-Sided Cone Signs

4-Sided Message Safety Cones & Cone Topper Signs

Display Safety Messages from All Directions 

Place cones where ever you need to alert foot traffic of slippery floor conditions, a room closed for cleaning or maintenance, or any other personalized message. You can also add an interlocking cone top for added visibility. Cone top signs are perfect when you need to direct parking lot traffic or inform drivers of student drop off areas, no parking areas, a student crossing, or bus lanes.

For added protection in inclement weather, attach a square weighted base to any cone.

  1. 24in. 4-Sided Safety Cone - Custom Your Words Here
  2. 24in. Do Not Enter Closed For Maintenance Safety Cone
  3. 24in. Caution Wet Floor Safety Cone
  4. 24in. Caution Wet Floor / Bilingual Safety Cone
  5. 24in. Do Not Enter Restroom Temporarily Closed For Cleaning
  6. 36in. Caution/Bilingual Safety Cone
  7. 36in. Slow Student Crossing Safety Cone
  8. 36in. Stop Buses Only Safety Cone
  9. 36in. Caution Do Not Enter Area Closed Safety Cone
  10. 36in. Welcome Stop Visitors Must Sign In Safety Cone
  11. 36in. Safety Cone - Stop
  12. 36in. Do Not Enter Symbol Safety Cone
  13. 36in. No Parking With Symbol Safety Cone
  14. 36in. Welcome Safety Cone
  15. 36in. Student Drop Off Safety Cone
  16. 36in. Slow Safety Cone
  17. 36in. Caution Safety Cone
  18. 36in. High 4-Sided Safety Cone - Custom Your Words Here
  19. 36in. Caution Wet Floor Safety Cone

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